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Lynette Newton-President/    Founder (With daughter Rachael)

I had the great pleasure of being mom to Rachael and Derrick.  Even though Rachael was with us for just a short 14 years, being their mom was the best job I could have had.  Every day I wish that Rachael was here helping me run the foundation, but I know this is what she would want, and I know she is smiling down at the work we are doing.

Meet the Team

Our hard working and dedicated volunteers!

Sandy (2)

Sandra Dealecio

I was born in Queens, New York many, MANY years ago and have traveled the world with the military.  I have been serving proudly in the United States Air Force since 1995 as a Cardiopulmonary Specialist.  I received my Baccalaureate and Registry in Respiratory Therapy and have worked with both adult and pediatric patients my entire career.  I currently perform echocardiograms, pulmonary function testing and a variety of different cardiac testing.  I met Lynette and Brett a few years ago and began volunteering with the Brain Booster 5K.  I never met Rachael but her story touched my heart and long conversations with Lynette brought tears to my eyes.  It was an honor to be asked to join the team and it is my pleasure to work with the Rachel's Ribbons of Hope Foundation.


Melissa Barczik

I have been a proud member of RROH since its inception in 2007.  Though I live in the Maryland area, I do everything I can to assist in the success of RROH because it is not just a worthy cause but dear to my heart.  I have known the Newton family for many years and had the distinct pleasure of personally knowing Rachael.  Seeing Rachael go through her ordeal, often with a smile, is what drives me to participate and champion this great foundation.  I currently work with the State Department Federal Credit Union who supports the Children's Miracle Network through the Washington, DC Annual Cherry Blossom events.


Kara Wall

I've been a board member with RROH since 2009.  Rachael has always had a special place in my heart-she's my cousin.  I wish I could have had more time with her while she was here, but we almost always lived a long way from each other.  Thanks to the internet, I did get to instant message with her quite a bit.  I got a memorial tattoo for her in 2011-a blue heart outline with a gray ribbon and her name (much like our logo)-and it's given me a lot of opportunity to share her story.  I'm so happy to be able to help keep her dreams alive through our work with the foundation.

I got my LPN in 2006 and my RN in 2009.  I've worked in both long term care and pediatric nursing, and I love it.

Dr Packer

Roger J. Packer, MD

George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professor, Neurology & Pediatrics Children's National Medical Center

Senior Vice President, Center for Neuroscience and Behavioral Medicine

Director, Brain Tumor Institute

Director, Daniel and Jennifer Gilbert Neurofibromatosis Institute

Principal Investigator, Center for Neuroscience Research (CNR) Children's Research Institute (CRI)


Gale Magnuson-Accountant

Work experience:

Education: 1977 BS Accounting-Colorado State University

1978 MS Business Administration-University of Northern Colorado


1978-1994 US Air Force-Various Accounting, Budget and Acquisitions positions

1994-1997 Genwal Coal Company-Accountant

1997-2003 Rocky Mountain Miners-Controller

2003-2016 Underground Services-Controller

2018-Present Scamp Excavation-Accountant

valery (2)

Valery Magnuson-Creator and Designer of "Buster"

Valery created "Buster" the brain and has designed all the variation of Buster.  She has also designed many other things for the foundation including t-shirts.